SmileyReport gives you regular mood statistics about your team.

SmileyReport requires no registration for creating a report or for voting. All you need is a valid email address. After creating a report you will receive a mail containing a unique administration link for your report, where you can set up schedules for voting and report participants. Do not lose this URL, it will be your only means to set up and change your report!

SmileyReport is completely anonymous. There is no possibility to trace back the votes to the voter. Only the average mood for a given vote period is shown.

SmileyReport is completely free, so just go on and create a report, fill in the details by clicking the link that will be sent to you, and watch your team voting!

SmileyReport will not give away any of the provided email addresses. The addresses are only used for sending vote notifications.

SmileyReport uses Google Analytics for improving the service. We fully respect your privacy, which means IP addresses are anonymized before storing and the "Do Not Track" policy is honored.